How It Works

So, your friend's about to get married! You need a gift ... but have no ideas. What to do?

First, get introduced to your friend's fiancée. Check!
Now, get introduced to the fiancée's friends and family. Check!
Now, team up with the friends and family, and show them this website. Check!
Now, you're ready to get started.

What is this anyway?

Knuptial Knowledge is a customised board game designed for newly-weds.
You start with the board below, designed for the lovely couple, Laura and Jack.

Board for Laura and Jack

See the player markers? Green for the bride, and blue for the groom.

The aim is to meet each other in the middle of the board.

The couple decides who goes first. The groom can be a gentleman, or they can decide rock-paper-scissors, or a fight to the death.

Whatever you like.

Let's say the bride goes first ... let's face it, that's how it'll always be, eh? She moves her piece into the nearest square.

Laura moves her piece

Then, Laura picks up a card from the deck with her initial on it, and turns it over.

Laura's card
Laura's question for Jack

If she answers correctly, she leaves her piece on the square. But if she gets it wrong, she has to move back and drop a relationship hiccup token on that square. She can't move back onto that square now!

Then Jack has his turn, moves his piece, and picks up his card. He answers a question about Laura.

The game repeats until they both reach the centre.

Bride and Groom meet

Then the bride and groom both draw a card from the Winning Deck.

Winning Card
A question for Laura and Jack

They answer the question together and ... that's the end of the game!

Have a happy life together!

So ... what do the friends and family do?

You have to come up with the questions!

The friends and family of the newly-weds gather together, and come up with fun stories about the happy couple. They can be nice stories about the past, their interests, and their hopes for the future. Then they use these stories to craft the questions of the game. Stories about the bride become questions for the groom to answer, and stories about the groom become questions for the bride to answer.
The Winning Cards are the good ones, because they're meant to spark ideas and excitement about the couple's future together. Questions like ... how many kids will you have? Or maybe ... who said "I love you" first? Our server will pick those automatically from a wide list.
Once you have decided on these questions, you follow these steps:

  1. Create an account on this website
  2. Start a new game
  3. Provide the names of the bride and groom in the web form
  4. Also, put in the names of the people who brainstormed with you
  5. Fill out all your questions
  6. OPTIONALLY: Pick the colour schemes and patterns of the board game artwork
  7. Submit the form!
    This will generate all the board game artwork according to your questions and colour picks, and upload it to The Game Crafter server. The webpage will let you know when it's done.
  8. When the generation is done, place an order for the game! Provide your shipping address and payment details.
  9. Then all go out and celebrate the awesome personalised wedding gift that is on its way to you!

But my partner and I want this!

Good! There's no reason you and your partner can't make the game yourselves. You can work out the questions about yourself for your partner to answer. Just make sure your partner doesn't see them when you enter them in the website form. And you can decide together how to customise the look of your game!

What are you waiting for?

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Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels