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I was inspired to make Knuptial Knowledge when a friend of mine was about to get married. My friend loves board games, and has a large collection. I figured he and his soon-to-be wife would like a customised board game about them.

Initially, I was just going to make it by hand, but I thought, "Nah! Gotta try and make it pro!" I sought out a way to make professional looking board games, and found The Game Crafter. They had all the features I needed to make the board, the box, the manual, and the cards. And it was a really decent price too! So I went straight ahead and started working. I had all the good stories to make the question cards for my friend, but I didn't really know his fiancée very much.

So I got in touch with her parents, and told them about my idea. They were really excited, and came up with a tonne of lovely stories about my friend's fiancée. I used them to make the question cards. The art was done, I uploaded it to The Game Crafter, and ordered the game. Three weeks later, it shows up in my mailbox. And it looked amazing!

When they opened the present, they were over the Moon! And they loved playing it, over and over, laughing and reminiscing about their relationship, past and future. Considering how stoked my friends were when they opened their present, I figured, "How many other couples would love something like this?!" Three months of work, and Knuptial Knowledge came online.

It's been a fun endeavour bringing this business online. I really think people are going to enjoy making this game as much as their friends will enjoy playing it.

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Photo by Oleg Magni from Pexels